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Your employees are your largest investment and greatest asset. Many of them are graduates of Columbus College of Art & Design. At CCAD, we connect leaders of Central Ohio businesses large and small with the greatest source of innovation in Greater Columbus — our students.

Invest in Here for Change: A Campaign for The CCAD Way.

And support a creative, diverse workforce capable of envisioning the future and then creating innovative business opportunities to meet it — ahead of your competition. The greater your support, the more merit- and need-based scholarships we can use to better attract the best, brightest and most diverse students and faculty to Columbus. It’s just good business—that’s good for your business and our economy.

We are Columbus College of Art & Design, the very art of the Columbus economy, and we’re here for the students that are here for you.

Central Ohio employers value creativity and innovation.

Corey Allenbach

UX Director and SVP, Huntington National Bank

CCAD students provide a valuable source of creative inspiration in our community. Our youngest designers are often the best at helping us look beyond all our current constraints today and how we design for the future.”

Jeni Britton

Founder and CCO, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Alum of CCAD Saturday Morning Art Classes

Creative thinkers are critical for our moment in time. It takes artists and visionaries to say, do, and stand for the things other people won’t. CCAD is shaping and supporting those trailblazing people every day. We need them to grapple with the urgent challenges of today.”

Jonathan Moody

CEO, Moody Nolan

CCAD is a part of what makes Columbus a better place to live. In every facet of successful things about our city and region, you can often find CCAD alumni involved. We look to CCAD when it comes to certain skill sets — design, communications, graphics, technology.”

Frederic Bertley

President & CEO, COSI

I have not met a CCAD graduate who is not a chill, cool, really wonderful person to be around. CCAD is a cultural transformation icon. They take young minds, shape them, give them skill sets, and then they create incredible art and design that impacts our city — and the world — culturally.”

CCAD grads drive success.

Alix Ross and Elijah Funk are outfitting celebrities through their apparel business, Online Ceramics.

Sugandh Agrawal is selling her GUNAS luxury vegan handbags in major retailers.

Patrick Douglas directed design and innovation at Target for the last decade.

Brian Matyas is Senior Character and Costume Concept Designer at Lucasfilm, where he works on the hit TV show The Mandalorian.

Cameron Granger recently completed the prestigious Studio Museum in Harlem artist residency and was included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30.

Fawn Veerasunthorn is making magic happen as Head of Story at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Help us foster the skillsets and mindsets that you’ll need to move your business forward by supporting The CCAD Way.


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