Wherever you are, be here for them.

Like others were here for you.

When you were a CCAD student, you learned here. Many of you lived here. More than anyone, as an alum, you understand the discipline required of an art and design education and the challenges of starting a career. It’s demanding. You did it. You’re doing it. Right now, students at Columbus College of Art & Design are walking in your shoes.

Help them to stand on your shoulders.

Invest in Here for Change: A Campaign for The CCAD Way and support tomorrow’s creative class by helping us to improve facilities, update technologies, and offer even more merit- and need-based scholarships to the most talented artists and designers. CCAD is one of the most highly regarded schools of its kind, because of our highly regarded students and alumni. And we’re here for it — for you.

We are Columbus College of Art & Design, the very art of Central Ohio creativity, and we’re here for the students that make Columbus cool.

CCAD understands that each artist brings something unique to each and every situation. They work with the multiple skills people already have as well as the skills students want to develop in order to take students to the next level.”

Katie Scala (she/her)
Animation, ‘26

Professors here make sure you’re able to problem solve through any obstacles you may encounter at a job and help you build your social skills through presentations, group projects, and networking events.”

Ayuka Shichinohe (she/her)
Industrial Design, ‘25

I love how CCAD accepts you for who you are and lets you be yourself without judgment.”

Fatima Ali (she/her)
Advertising & Graphic Design, ‘24

I love the professors and the artists I get to meet and collaborate with at CCAD. I’ve made some very important connections and gained mentors and friends that will affect the rest of my life and career.”

Tessa Newsome (they/them)
Game Art & Design, ‘25

I’m a storyteller. I love to create stories, and I seek to heal and change the world after graduation. The world needs more creativity, diversity, and love.”

Jaiden Garden (he/him)
Illustration, ‘24

I love being surrounded by other creatives at CCAD. I’m tailoring my artistic abilities in professional practices now so, after graduation, I can work with small businesses and help them connect with niche audiences.”

Eli Gamble (he/him)
Advertising & Graphic Design, ‘25

I feel like I’ve found a home, despite being from across the country. CCAD’s small size has exposed me to each major on the campus, and leads to many new friendships, professional connections, and learning opportunities.”

Steele Clevenger (she/her)
Industrial Design, ‘25

CCAD has played a major role in developing my self confidence and ability to love my own work. It’s taught me how to present my work, network and be professional. Confidence is the key.”

Essence Estremera (she/her)
Interior Design, ‘24

Support tomorrow’s creative class by improving today’s facilities, technologies, and scholarships today.


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